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living A life of ambition, without too much expectation.

My background is quite large. Event coordinator, facilitator, salesman, waiter, videographer, on camera host... As soon as I started traveling, I couldn't get enough of new experiences, and I wanted to show the world what it felt like to follow your own path. I eventually focused on getting my message across by sharing meaningful stories, and exploring what it takes to shape your dreams into reality.

At the age of 23, I fell in love with the art of dance, and had an obsession to film dancers as I traveled the world. My passion was so strong, that two years later, a simple idea turned into my very first travel series - Finding The Warrior Within.

Today, my goal is to keep creating inspiring content around the world, explore a life out of my comfort zone, and motivate others to take a step into exploring who they really want to be, in order to live a more purposeful life.

Based in Brussels, Belgium (ready to travel anywhere)