It’s important to know that i try to create meaningful content while staying in touch with my most important values.
this is why you will never see me monetize videos on youtube for example,
in fear that an unwanted ‘Coca cola’ advert could be placed at the start of any of my videos.

Therefore, I like to focus my income on sponsorhips i believe in and on the support of those who watch -
using affiliates proDUCTS I BELIEVE IN, or receiving donations in exchange for off trail diary gifts.

FLIXBUS: FlixBus is a revolution in transportation. Cheap, Comfortable, Eco-Friendly and super awesome. I am more and more using this service as a way to cut down my Carbon footprint while being able to stop in destinations I hadn’t planned on stopping. So if you are thinking to book a flixbus ticket anytime in the future, please do it through the link below. It remains the same price for you !

GEAR & Music: As a travel filmmaker on a budget who carries everything on his back, finding gear that is not to heavy but still does the best job possible took me quite some time. You can watch my video on all the gear I am using below, and if any of these items fits in what you looking for, please purchase them using the affiliated links.

Mavic Air


Lens 25mm

Video Micro

Rode Link

Gorilla Pod


BOOKS: I don’t read as much as I should, but there are just some books out there that truly have inspired me on my journey to become a better and more opened human being. I will keep adding my favourite reads on this list in the future, but here are my top picks for now.

Talent for humanity

Four Agreements

The Alchemist

Lazy Guru’s Guide To Life