The fact that Guillaume interacts with the locals and gets to be a part of their lives, instantly gives depth and meaning to his experience throughout.
— Indonesia Expat


A series by Pierce Vaughn and Guillaume Sanchez
Produced by PT Borneo Productions International

Finding The Warrior Within, is a true tale of ‘pushing yourself out of your comfort zone’, both in the story itself, and on all the production aspects of the project. As a 24 year old unknown producer and host, Guillaume had to make his mark in an industry to big for him. It was a challenging process, but after two years, this unique cultural web series was picked up by Ovation TV in the U.S.A, and is currently accessible on JOURNY NOW. Today, the project is still being screened around Indonesia at various Indigenous Film Festivals, as a means to celebrate the incredible Culture of the Dayak People.



A series by Guillaume Sanchez
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From the dusty city of Kathmandu, to the jungles of Chitwan, all the way to the peaks of Solukhumbu, ‘Nepal: Trails of Wonder’ tells the story of three guys, coming from three different countries, who go out to live a three weeks adventure in Nepal. From a production perspective, the goal was to create a simple and meaningful story, using very little resources, showing that you don’t need a big budget to produce good content. The result: a true unscripted travel series that shows the great experiences you can live when traveling of the world.





A series by Elian Perrot
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What’s Up On Earth is a videographical project that promotes the discovery of the world that surrounds us. The goal is to film the most beautiful places on earth, which a majority of people won’t ever get the chance to witness. While Off Trail Diary had no involvment in this project, Elian’s passion and mission to share the beauties of the world we live in, represents the simple values we live for and that deserve to be shared with the rest of the world.


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